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Muhammad Zia Khattak

Muhammad Zia Khattak is a professional blogger, front end developer, in point sale manager, high-ticket guru, Entrepreur and the founder of HeadBeaTop.

  • Jallozai, Nowshera, Pakistan
  • +923119040673
  • khattakprincezia2@gmail.com
  • https://ziakhattakpc.blogspot.com

My Professional Skills

I am a professional in Marketing with 4 years of experience, qualified to organize social and corporate events, outstanding public relations, experienced in point of sale management, commercial area and customer service. Abilities in inventories, marketing projects, sales budget, and market research.

Web Design 93%
Web Development 83%
App Development 94%
Wordpress 96%

School Life

I was a medical student at APSACS. I saw a hundreds of teachers but I love some of them.I also have a teacher full of love in her heart for the students and I can say that she is another mom of us.

Finding Myself

I learn alot of things from the books but I searched on one thing and that is ''How to find myself.My Father said to me a day that Always tell the truth. Always shoot from the hip. You might not have many friends, but you'll never have enemies, because people will always know where you're coming from.

Digital Marketer

Zia Khattak is one of the best Digital Marketer of Pakistan. I love to design websites.I hate Adsense becoz I am a Digital Marketer.I created more than 300 Web Designs.I love to work for the benefits of mankind...

Medical Life

I am a student filled up of smiles and fun. I always work for the happiness of others.I am now studying Cardiology and InshaAllah after 3 years I will be a Cardiologist.. Need Your Duas...

Patriotic Muslim

I am a Muslim, having a proud in my heart that I was born in Pakistan. My MoM thought me, Never Go For the Earnning Money, Go For Help Money Will run after YOU...

Fast support

We are providing best or fast support for our users, with full help support and information, contact us for any of your problem related to Tech and Your Website, We will solved the problem for U. So that you can enjoy every second of life with us...

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